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Double K Dogtown tom, that is undoubtly more accurate but the results seem ambiguous to me not having a degree in acoustics, at least on youtube you get to hear the report of the guns yourself although thats undoubtly subjective to degrees of hearing loss by an individual.
Give me a cellphone and a sound meter app and I can make a video of a .50bmg without silencer sound no louder than a .22 LR.

Its not just the limitations of the sound meter used, but in the case of Youtube videos the limitations of the video camera or cellphone being used.

I've noticed with 22 suppressors even though the db is very close the tone can be very different from one suppressor compared to another, higher pitched reports can be heard from farther away.
True, tone may even be affected by the muzzle device used to attach the silencer, humidity, altitude, temperature, wind conditions and type of firearm.

Where the measurement is taken is important as well: at the ear, muzzle or a specified distance downrange. One very quiet at the ear may not be as quiet as others at the muzzle or downrange.

The science of suppressors is more complicated than it would seem.
True. Thats why I linked to Pew. He's an expert on measuring sound, not some guy looking for likes on a video he made with his iPhone.
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