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We’ve got a few Harvester 300’s in my family, father in law is a Dead Air on his 300BO, they all work well. Makes for great plinkers around camp with subsonics.

One of my brothers uses a Bowers VERS .458 on his 300BO. Works well, just not quite as quiet as the .30 cal cans, and is a bit larger in size/weight.

I don’t have a 300 BO, but use a Harvester 300 on .270 Win, .223, and .22 Hornet (waiting on barrel threading for .30-30, and .243 Win use).

Bowers makes good stuff, although a little more pricey than some of the other brands. Have a .458, and .475 can in the family, and I’ve got a Dreadnaught waiting in ATF jail right now.

I’ve been happy with my Harvester, but went with Bowers for my big bores (.338 Fed, .358 Win, .375 H&H) since SilencerCo doesn’t make a can that will stand up to my .375 H&H.
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