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Originally Posted by ligonierbill View Post
I checked GB, and fully functional examples have sold from $500 to $900. Of course, those in exceptional condition go higher. Back in the day, this pistol was know as the "gunsmith's favorite" because they brought in a lot of business. Many are not functional, and getting one fixed is near impossible. Though not Colt's official designation, they came in 41 Long Colt "Thunderer", 38 Long Colt "Lightning", and 32 Long Colt "Rainmaker". The 32 is extremely rare. The 38 is most common. You didn't note the caliber, but I presume it's a 38.

I have a 41 manufactured in 1898, and I have fired it a few times with blackpowder loads. Among other infamous characters, John Wesley Hardin carried one.
If I remember correctly Billy the Kid was believed to have had a .38 Lighting...or so is the legend.
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