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thanks for the pics and the measurements. Those make it easy...

.30 M1 Carbine

Appears to be the standard 110gr FMJ "ball" ammo.

with an 81 date on the rounds they weren't made for US military use, the US dropped the M1 carbine decades before that. They appear to be made to mil-spec standards with sealed primers. Several nations used the M1 carbine after the US military dropped it.

Can't help with who "P S" is, sorry.

IF/when you fire some, take a look inside the case and see if they are boxer primed, or berdan primed. If they are Berdan primed that means foreign manufacture and they MIGHT be corrosive primed. If there's any doubt, clean the gun as if they were corrosive primed and all will be well.

US made (Boxer primed) M1 carbine ammo would be non-corrosive primed.
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