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I'm going to try an in-between experiment using 14 lb Tyvek "paper". Sort of a cross between paper patching and powder coating. I'm thinking the Tyvek may be rugged enough to allow fewer turns per wrap. But I don't know that it works yet, so this is not a recommendation.

If you want to paper patch, as already indicated, you would need to narrow the bullets through sizing dies. It's a good deal of trouble and the bullets tend to lose some of their axial symmetry in the process of sizing them extreme amounts, reducing their accuracy.

Other than that, paper patching is laborious but has a couple of advantages. One is that it is easier to keep its thickness perfectly even all around the bullet than with coatings. Another advantage come with the paper fibers. Just as cutting a lot of them will dull a knife edge, they tend to strop the bore, promoting its smoothness for unpatched lead bullets.
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