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Originally Posted by mehavey View Post
Were I you, I'd consider that a 308 mould will probably drop at 310; PC it; then shoot unsized
That's what I would do. Check to see actual size as dropped. It'll probably be around .309 or .310. Once you powder coat and add .001 to .002 you should be about good to go. You can get a .311 or .312 sizer and you should be good.

After PC'ing, I size my ".308" bullets to .311 for use in 300 Blackout.

For paper patching I believe you should start with a mold .001 or .002 over bore diameter. I have no idea what an Arisaka would be, but a quick search online looks like .303. So you would need to start with a mold that drops closer to .304 or .305 and not one for .308 (which is actually probably closer to .309 or .310).
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