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So, unfortunately, I'm serving waffles today...

It depends.

For shotgun, if we are talking about number 2 Buck and not number 2 birdshot, ( I ask not because I'm assuming you are confusing the two but because it does happen), then in a 3" 20 ga shell, you are looking at @ 15 .27" pellets that weigh about 39 grains each, so each pellet in the sort of 22 LR weight range, traveling a little bit faster. People have killed hogs with 22 lr. But it takes excellent shot placement. In my opinion, and I have done a fair amount of hog hunting but I claim no expertise, that's not good enough for me. Maybe piglets in the sub 75 lbs range. But mainly, you would get wounded hogs that would do anything fair bit of running and hiding before bleeding out and would be tough to find. So, for vermin eradication, ok. For hunting, not ok.

I killed a 545 lbs feral pig with two handloaded 250 grs Hornady XTP at about 1200 fps from from a 16" barrel Rossi R92. I shouldn't have. The bullet is too frail and I got lucky. It's a good example of where a wheel weight or Linotype lead bullet in the 250 - 325 grs range would have been much better.

So what are you shooting the 45 LC with? If you are shooting eating pigs in the 80-100lbs range, any 250 grs bullet from a 4.5" + barrel at SAAMI pressures will do it. But bigger hogs? I'd want Ruger level loads and 300+ hard cast lead from a Blackhawk or a rifle.
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