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In my opinion the length of travel is a moot point. If your finger is on the trigger when it shouldn't be you're already in trouble. Will an extra centimeter of travel buy you enough time to realize that mistake? Maybe. I can say my own ND was with a S&W 5903. The pistol was in DA, had a manual safety, and a magazine disconnect. How then did it happen? I thought the chamber was empty. Once I made the deliberate decision to fire neither the length of travel nor the weight stopped me (and if they had been capable of stopping me then the pistol would be no use defensively). I certainly wouldn't advise holding someone at bay with your finger on the trigger. While I agree that's easier said than done under stress, I'm not convinced any of the stock striker fired pistols are hair triggers. At that point when your finger is on the trigger when it shouldn't be hopefully you're maintaining muzzle discipline.

I can say that the force on force I've done was with a P226 set up for UTM. I have zero memory of the trigger pull being longer or heavier than the Glocks I typically shot at the time (SIGs also have a shorter DA than a number of other brands imo, which is a feature I like). I have zero memory of the trigger pull in general. Someone could argue it didn't hinder me then, and that's an argument I'd entertain, but I'd also argue it didn't add any safety at the point where I decided to fire.

Edit: I don't want to turn this into DA versus non DA. The above post represents thoughts I've had going from striker fired "safe-action" to DA/SA and then back again.

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