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My thoughts regarding DA/SA pistols, for what they are worth, is that it is not just the pull weight of the double action trigger pull of a hammer-fired DA/SA, or DAO hammer-fired pistol or DAO or double action revolver that adds an element of safety, it is the length of the trigger pull and the degree of deliberation required.

To fire the typical hammer-fired pistol in DA mode, the mainspring starts from a mostly relaxed state and has to be fully compressed through the excursion of the trigger. In order for the pull weight to not be onerous, the length of this trigger pull has to be substantial in order for the geometry of the internals to provide a significant amount of leverage.

Contrast this with most striker-fired pistols these days in which the trigger pull is only releasing a striker where the striker spring has been usually at least 50% tensioned and often nearly completely tensioned. It is possible to make the pull weight of a striker-fired pistol as heavy as the DA trigger pull of a hammer-fired pistol, but it usually remains considerably shorter. An with the striker-fired pistols that do have a relatively long trigger excursion, the initial part of the take-up often provides very little sensation of resistance.

Going with a reduced force mainspring will decrease the trigger pull weight, but not the length of the trigger pull excursion. I do feel that this longer, more deliberate trigger pull reduces the chance of a premature or accidental discharge to some extent. I do not know if this "safety factor" goes out the window in a really stressful situation.
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