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Originally Posted by pblanc View Post
I meant to say that Bruce Gray recommends going no lighter than 19 lbs on a P229 used for carry or other self-defense purpose. He also recommends going no lower than 4.5 lbs for the SA trigger pull weight on an SD pistol.

I have seen posts from individuals who have set up various gizmos to precisely measure spring strength who have claimed that there is significant variation in strength even between springs that are claimed to be off exactly the same power.

I suspect that many would be OK with an 18 lb mainspring in a carry pistol so long as the owner thoroughly vetted that spring for reliability, but that might vary pistol to pistol. I personally would not consider a 17 lb spring for any P229 pistol intended for self-defense, but to each his own.
I'm sure there is variation between springs.

I don't carry it for defense, though to be honest I'm not looking for validation in terms of if others approve or disprove certain weights. Just sharing a data point.

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