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Originally Posted by Angelo Demuerte
That's true as far as being "armed with a firearm", but for other weapons, other training is required. I completely agree with your feeling on certain armed guards... Unfortunately some companies desperately hire anyone with a PTC just because they need armed people.
Yes, that's what I meant. I am not sure where in MN you are, but I've never seen an armed guard in my area with more than a firearm and one or two spare magazines. The best ones seem to be the armed guards at the local airport, who appear reasonably physically fit with good situational awareness and carry good gear. The worst seem to be the armored car couriers, many of whom are carrying decent firearms, but in crummy holsters like the Uncle Mike's "Fits all medium-sized autos" nylon things. Their situational awareness also appears to be pretty low.

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of intermediate in my area... either a firearm and nothing else or a radio and nothing else seems to be de rigeur. This may be because of the additional training, as you mention, that's required for intermediate force options.

I'd be interested in anyone else's experience in what else they've seen around.
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