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If you have formal, documented armed security training(law, weapons qualification, etc) you may be able to get a non-resident CCW from another state & use it where you live(if the state agency or AG allows it where you live). My CCW is valid in approx 34-35 US states but the # changes often.

As for the unarmed posts, I know how un-nerving those type of felony calls can be.
In the late 1990s, I worked unarmed security at a medical center near a major university. When the PD officers rolled by they'd check to make sure we were okay/safe when we had any field interviews or vehicle stops/traffic enforcement.
Their support(the campus police were sworn & armed) were a big help.

PS; About 2 years ago, the same university police agency had a "spree shooter" event in the lobby of a mental health clinic on the campus. One cop was seriously wounded & I think another was killed in the attack.
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