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I used to work armed security in a different state. I currently work unarmed security in my hometown. While I worked armed, many of my coworkers carried an A.S.P., OC, Cuffs and a knife. I felt I was reasonably comfortable without these items as I did not want to pay for them after having to pay for all my other duty gear. I soon found that these were a neccesity where I worked and were actually used more then I ever thought a security officer would use one. I actually bought a level IIIA vest as well. When I spoke to our head office about the equipment, they told us that we were allowed to have these items because the paying client approved of what we did. Our company would not get us certified beyond being armed because if we were certified the company would then be liable for our actions. They were liable and covered for us to work armed because of the training they gave us(that we paid for). I was told, our company would look the other way, for the client, in what we were allowed to carry as it was not our companies policy. If we were, however, to get in a lawsuit over any of our other gears uses; we were on our own.

Edit: I'll add that it is strictly against policy for us as unarmed security to have any weapon on us at any time. We will be fired. I asked if I could keep pepper spray in my bag, I was told if I brought it to the workplace, I would be fired.
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