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To be more clear, by the term; armed, I mean weapons. Not just firearms(though firearms are not a bad idea.
One of my points in the topic, is that a non lethal weapon is better than nothing if you can not work security in a armed post(due to the site SOPs, state laws, etc).
OC spray(Zarc Vexor), Tasers, batons, etc can protect you.
I've worked in several unarmed posts. I packed my OC mark III, white-light, impact baton, etc on me. I never had any security supervisors complain or question why I had any extra gear.
Training & mindset are critical too. If you are in a uniformed position, do not think some thugs or career criminals won't assault you.
I've been on a few posts where I got a few "elevator eyes" looks while on duty.
If you're not 100% ready to deal with a threat then you're not ready to work "the road".
As noted $$$ & skill training are serious problems. Security & protective services are low paying jobs in most US areas but if you work, stay alert!
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