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New Snubbie

I have been looking around and researching a bit to find a snub nose 38 or 357 for mainly the wife, but can see myself borrowing on ocasion for a BUG.
Last week after much deliberation, I decided to go to various shops and check out Ruger SP101's in either 357mag or 327mag, in either case the wife could down grade to 38spl or 32h&r for less recoil. I came across one in DAO and it was pretty but the trigger was gritty as all get out, and I'm not droping another $60 or more on a trigger job.

Yesterday I was in the local gunsmiths shop and eyed an deep blued Taurus 605 2'' bbl in 357mag while I was getting grips for another revolver and an extra mag for my CCW semi-auto. After thinking about it last night I decided to take a leap of faith, as I have had one Taurus semi-auto in the mid 90's and while it was good looking, it would always FTE 1 in 50 rounds.
I decided to trade a 9mm that I like but dont need, to sacrafice for the wife but I am 100% behind this as well. When I got there to check it out, I used methods off this forum to test the pistol to see if it is in great shape as it was LNIB but lightly used. Needless to say it was sweet with real nice blueing and the trigger is nice in DA & SA. Lock up is tight and it is real tight to the forcing cone as well.
We went out to test the basics of the pistol in the beautiful pacific NW rain. We tested 38spl 110gr FMJ's, 38spl Rem 125gr HP+P, and 357mag 110gr Win HP's. They all fired flawlessly and recoil was not near as bad as I thought it would be for this tiny J frame like pistol. My wife fired the 38spl +P like a champ and I see this will be a good choice for her fo SD. I like that she told me what she wanted and I was able to find something similar.

It is nice to get a Taurus revolver and have something good to report back, I was hesitant, but now I am happy with the choice as it was affordable and a sweet shooter as well!! I have always liked the snubbies.
good and safe shooting, bdb. BETTER TO BE CAUGHT WITH ONE, THAN WITH OUT ONE
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