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In this case Rothedel, this is shifting the burden of proof of innocence onto the accused. Looks like we've adopted Code Napoleon. Even when you proved you're innocence, they are like an immovable stone reluctant to admit mistakes.
At this point I'm not 100% sure I agree with you. I am trying to get through the entire process before I form an opinion. My initial reaction was very much what you said but I have taken a step back and am trying to keep an open mind. As a previous poster said I have not been restricted from owning and it is certainly possible I would pass a background check today assuming the clerk did as she said and updated the record in question. I believe I have proven I am not the individual in question and I expect the FBI will agree. If they do agree my opinion is going to rest almost entirely on how long it took them to reach that opinion. If they disagree I'm sure my opinion of the process will change.
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