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No update from my original post just want to answer a few things from other commenters.

I do plan on obtaining my GA permit primarily for reciprocity with other states. But I agree with a previous commenter, until I get a ruling on this appeal I don't want to go down that path. The Clerk that found the record did say she updated the identity data of the offending record but I would like this closed and settled before I take another step which includes a background check.

At this point I'm going to give the process time to work itself out prior to contacting a government representative. Unfortunately both senators from my state are not huge supporters of the 2nd so I'm not sure what if any help they would provide. My house rep is pro 2nd so if I opt to go that route I would start there. With that being said I feel its a bit early for me to worry about that at this point anyway. As a previous poster stated I do not feel my rights have been violated at this point. A record was found, I appealed it, and hopefully the FBI agrees I provided enough evidence to prove it was not me.

Again I did not post this to argue for or against the NICS system. I have learned a great deal over the last week or so and I'm sure I will learn more before this is resolved. I do have some personal feelings about this process and the fairness inherent in it but that's not the point of this post so I will keep those thoughts to myself.
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