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I can say based on personal experience, that you should contact your state senator if you have one that's pro 2A (and even if they're not). Explain the details just as you have here and clearly state that your 2A rights are being violated.

This worked for me here in KY; both McConnell and Paul's offices made official inquiries within days of my contacting their offices. It shook the tree pretty hard I guess. My denial status went away within a few days and I received a letter from the NICS twice (one for each inquiry), cc'd to the senators' offices. The first one was McConnell's, stating basically "we reviewed blah blah.. we resolved this and hope you don't talk to us again." The second one (Paul's) was a letter stating "we already resolved this!" Lol. Haven't had a problem since.

NICS and FBI won't give you the time of day otherwise; you'll just get their canned response letters, even if you include documentation (I did; didn't matter).
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