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Anyone know about Gassers?

What I do know is that the beginning was an Austrian open-top, double action, 6 shooter in 11mm in about 1870. It evolved into a closed frame, then a hinged frame with simultaneous extraction similar to the S&W "frontier". I find no dates relating to when the changes occurred. My weird find is hinged frame with extraction similar to the old Galand revolvers. Top of frame is marked "Belgium". Guess they copied everything. Stranger yet, the top of the barrel is marked "for 44 Winchester cartridge". Yep. A 44-40 is a perfect fit. I expect it was to compete with Colt, S&W & Remington at a lower price. Also odd is that it's a 5 shooter. I read somewhere they went to Pancho Villa (Mexican Revolution). Never seen one before anywhere. Anyone know any history, like why or when? THANKS! BTW, tried to submit 3 photos & got error about "missing security token". SAY WHAT! Pics are in The High Road & Colt Forum, no problem.
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