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I'm not sure whether I should just go straight to custom at this point and not be limited by the RPR.
Well, not knowing your level of skill and proficiency (yeah, yeah, I know, everybody's an expert nowadays), I still don't see how you would be limited by a rifle that helped set current levels of accuracy expectations. Could you spend more money? Sure. Would it improve your scores? Don't know the answer to that, but I doubt it. But I have been around shooting sports for a long time now, and I have heard people blame their rifles and ammo for dropped points for the past 45+ years, and it doesn't sound any more believable now than it did 45 years ago. I have seen some really impressive groups shot with a factory stock RPR with good factory ammo. I'm sure the rifles are capable of doing what you need done.

My advice, worth exactly what you pay for it, is to get a RPR (or substitute your premium rifle of choice), get a good barrel for it, get a good trigger for it, put good glass on it, and put good ammo through it and go shoot little teeny groups at extended ranges with the rifle. And don't try to blame the equipment if you come up short.
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