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Who's doing the counting? And how?

Here's a piece that caught my attention:

In addition, say the authors from Texas A&M University, “we find significant evidence that the laws lead to more homicides. Estimates indicate that the laws increase homicides by a statistically significant 8 percent, which translates into an additional 600 homicides per year across states that adopted [the] castle doctrine.”
I've seen similar statements in several of the articles that I've read on SYG laws. I am bothered somewhat by the use of the "# of homicides" statistic in this way. "Homicide" means "the killing of one human being by another." Period. If the people counting the homicides are going by the dictionary definition, then it only matters how many people are killed, not who is killed. Perhaps it matters not to them who is killed in an altercation, but it matters to me.
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