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SO there's NO WAY to get a license and gun for under $2k? For real? No way at all?
Sorry, there is no way to do that. BUT, it is not $10,000 to get equipped with a machine gun.

You can find Mac-10's and M-11's easily at $3,500. I bet if you have cash and are serious you could get that price down some. You could probably purchase an AC556 (sort of a full-auto mini-14) for about $5,500.

If you have an FN FNC you could purchase the sear for a little over $3,000 and pay roughly $800 for the conversion (yes, it's a semi-auto gun that can be converted using a registered sear). That gets you a really nice full-auto rifle for under $4,000.

You're not that far off from being able to own a machinegun, financially. There are some folks out there with transferable machine guns that really need the money - now's the best time to strike a good deal on one.
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