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there is a difference between an american made rifle that is brand new and sold through a pseudo government organization and one of 12 million guns that were made in a hurry with virtually no quality control to speak of and then ridden hard for a century before being sold off to anyone that wanted one.

also, CMP hasn't been around that long. it would have more than likely been DCM selling those.

FWIW, I own two guns that use enblocs. one is a M1895 mannlicher which I got because they are very cheap and because I already had a number of clips on hand from a trade I made a while back. in all it is in the same boat in all fields as the carcano. non-standard bullet diameter, non existent cheap plinking ammo, poor wood(on most, not all), and goofy, oddball bolt design. however a $150 rifle that you don't have to shop for clips for is not nearly as bad as a $250 rifle that you do have to shop for. the only reason I decided to go through with it was because I wanted a gun that was used by the nazis and I'm not too partial to M98 mausers.

I also own a M1 garand which I ought from the CMP. I already had a number of clips on hand from previous ammo deals I'd made. I do not like the clips and am not entirely sure I like the garand design as a whole. it's a pain to take apart, it's even worse to put back together and it's a 10 pound rifle with a fixed ammo capacity because of the clips and unlike the carcano and mannlicher, it launches it's clips rather than just dropping them at your feet.

I don't malign clips because I'm used to mags... I don't like them because they are damned inconvenient. those two rifles in my collection are rarely taken from the safe anymore in favor of box magazine fed rifles.
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