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I don't have one but my opinion is based on several dozen which I have handled in person. the wood, is generally garbage. I would liken it to driftwood as it is generally very light toned and very dry, cracking, splintering, brittle, ETC. the metal, although well blued and just is not a great design. for the caliber they are chambered in I suppose but I have heard one too many horror stories regarding nazi rechambered rifles to think that one of these would do well in most other calibers. the rifles are not well balanced, they require enbloc clips to function, they don't have the greatest trigger, they are complicated(I have yet to find the safety on my Type I) and they use non standard bullet diameters making it difficult to both find ammo and reload for them and expect any degree of accuracy from most rifles.

there are a few diamonds in the rough and I have seen some pics from some members here that have great wood, others that get great groups.. but rarely do these occurences overlap. you got lucky with yours but carcanos have earned their poor reputation... with a little help from lee harvey oswald.

as for comparisons to mosins. until last year, it was not difficult to find a mosin nagant for $100 or less. up until sandy hook gun ban crisis of 2012-13, you could buy 440 rounds of 7.62x54R ammo for $70. the carcano and both calibers it is chambered for has been well over $100 for the last 10 years and the ammo has been non existent asside from a few seasonal runs of hornady and PRVI which is closer to $2 a round. this is why the mosin is so much more popular... wallet friendly.

The wood theyre made of seems bad but i belive its due to the kind of wood(obviously) its really light.... And i mean very light.. I think they use a to light of wood for a gun. Not saying the wood is bad they just used a to light of wood. But aside from the clips i think of it to be like the mosin.. Some are absolute trash and some.. Well some are perfect.. What about the metal design? Makes not much sense but the Italians imported some i the finest steel at the time. But yea very well blued.. Like i said i compare it a mosin because my carcano actually runs better than my freinds 91/30 as long as i have a good clip. My trigger is even better . WAY BETTER. Actually as good as my mossberg 500 gold trigger.
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