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Doesn't that go without saying? Is that not true for every single anything that has any monetary value?

Nothing personal petah, as everyone says it but I never understood why people say it. Whether you ask $700 for a $500 gun and hope to find the one guy who doesn't know prices who will buy, or whether you ask $250 for a $500 gun which many will people buy, the item is always worth what someone is willing to pay. Its a circular statement of sorts.

To me its akin to saying "you might have trouble shooting an unloaded firearm" - something thats true on the suface, but also doesn't help anyone with anything. The statement is considered insightful, but its not, IMO.
YMMV, I guess - IMO, it was a polite way to avoid putting a low/insulting value on an undetermined "something", vaguely described for a value.

Of course, my opinion's also worth exactly what's paid for it. .

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