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More information the better I understand. As I said I was not trying to poke fun, its just its very common in the shop when we get complaints on accuracy its 9/10 times the shooter, some of them even good shooters. I get a lot of guys complain about the light weight Kimber Rifles, because they are not used to a ~4-5lb gun.

It is true, different guns like different loads... but I have yet to see a Mini dislike a factory load that much. I would venture a guess as to what could be wrong, I would say like someone else did... make sure the stock and everything is torqued down properly.

Ruger has no written warranty, but they will take anything back for a warranty inspection. This will be your best course of action, I do this a lot for customers. You have no shot hand loads or did something stupid, which are the only events I have EVER seen Ruger charge a customer for a repair, and even that is rare. I have seen a few S&W handguns with barrels bored off axis, so strange and non apparent things can and do happen.

If you send it to Ruger I would imagine 1 of 2 things happening.. They test fire it, it groups fine, they will send you the test target with the ammo they used information and you have a starting point.


They test fire it, see how bad it is, and probably re-barrel the rifle. No cost to you.

We got a Winchester rifle once that the chamber wasn't even bored out yet. As I said, strange things do happen, we actually got a call from one of their Exec's about that one because it was apparently a huge deal that the gun was never test fired... because it was impossible to feed a round.
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