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Is this with any kind of optic or is it open sights? I know the newer Mini's have a little bit better sights, but my older Ranch Rifle has terrible open sights on it.. I am pretty good with open sights, particularly with factory AR Peep sights, but I am horrible with the Mini's peep sight. Achieving a good cheek weld is difficult at best, let alone maintaining and repeating it.

Off a sandbag with a red dot, my Mini will shoot under 1 inch at 25 yards, and right about an inch, maybe a bit over at 50 yards, using hunting ammo.

If you want to eliminate ammo out of the equation, try Hornady FMJ's. They're a touch pricey, I pay $29 for a 50 pack normally, but they have proven to be as accurate as any FMJ out there, and very consistent for me. My ArmaLite shot a 50 round group inside of 3/4" using this ammo, with a couple of flyers that were my fault but were still within 1".
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