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With the advent of drones: Anti-material effectiveness of handguns

Even in the light of several drone-related discussions here on TFL, it's still a very hypothetic and futuristic issue. However, flying and crawling guided objects will see increasing use on battlefields and with LE. Thus, maybe a few years from now discussing the effectiveness of a handgun might not only comprise its might to incapacitate a BG, but a drone as well.

Again, it's highly hypothetical, but: Will the same rules apply? Or will one need, say, less single-shot power in favor of quick multi-shot capability to bring down a mini-drone flying on roof height? Or, another thought, less expansion but more steel-penetration to fight a robotic intruder?

I'm strictly talking handguns here, while being aware that, IF at hand, a rifle or shotgun might better suit the task.
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