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I don't reload for the 6.8, but do for the 6.5 Grendel...
I don't see how there could be any significant difference in reloading costs. Similar size cases...bullets...
Even with boolits, 6.5's cost $25/box, and .30 cals in the low $30's, so how much are we really talking?
The big differences in reloading come in powder .223's burn half of the larger .30's.

I haven't revisited this debate since two years ago when the 6.5 G walked on the 6.8...
But I do believe there have been improved bullet offerings for the 6.8, and Hornady has introduced their infamous 123 grain Amax in the form of the SST for hunting combining the incredible BC of the Amax with the SST hunting bullet.
Used to be that no decent hunting bullets were the downside of the Grendel- no more...
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