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well... ok... if I'm "raping my brass", I can cut back on the citric some...

BTW... I did work my way up to a couple cc's of crystalized citric ( it is powdered, not liquid ) & a couple seems to clean better than a single scoop, & I did work my way down on the soap, my mixture seems alot easier to rinse than with a more soap ( my understanding, is you want only enough of the surfactorants in the soap to keep the "dirt" from redepositing on the brass )

however if those that are saying the cases are brittle when black ( even before they turn pink ) maybe those should be disposed of, rather than polished in the 1st place... yet there are people like SUFR, that have loaded them, with no bad results, even when pink... I'd be curious if those cases had been loaded a couple times with no issues ???
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