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I am tanning the hide, having shot it in June the fur isn't real thick, but its still ok. I am hoping to do a small rug and order a head from a taxidermy shop, kind of like a miniture bear rug. I thought it was pretty cool, not sure where the wife will let me put it though!

As far as the stinking, they are members of the weasle family and have serious musk glands, I was careful not to cut them, but still the fur, gristle, fat, and everything stinks like it. Now that the skin is dry its not bad, but fleshing it was the nastiest thing! And it was unbelievable the amount of muscle in the neck and on the head! I would hate to tangle with one of these things alive!

I might opt for a full-body mount and put it in my kids room to watch over them at night....
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