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I can tell
Gunmaker Christopher Hoffacker in Munich, Germany.
Shot barrels (S) were proof tested(U) as required by law ever since 1891, surely before 1939, likely before 1912. The right barrel at least is choked (W). It is about .655" diameter (17/1), a rather "tight" 16 gauge. Chambers are 65mm (2 9/16" for 2 1/2" shells), 70mm would be marked.

Rifle barrel is marked 118.35 which is the gauge measurement of the bore of 8.64mm. Now this was done quickly with a plug gauge and does not correspond to an exact measurement and says nothing about the chamber.
But there were common rounds and a hammer drilling was very often 9.3x72R. This is an old medium game rifle similar in power to US .38-55, not to be confused with the later and much more powerful 9.3x74R.
I found a post that some of these run small and are really 9x72R.

You really need a chamber cast and bore slug measurement before buying ammo, it isn't cheap.
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