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As you pointed out, there's a lot more to this than gun selection, but since you only asked about that.
The new S&W .380 "EZ" is easy to run. The one without a safety lever is better. Other than the questionable practice of running a revolver in single-action, I can't think of a handgun that is easier.

A long gun has a lot of advantages. If she can't handle the recoil of a 20 ga, consider a "pistol caliber carbine" which could include semi-autos and lever guns. A lever .357 can be short with light recoil. A semi-auto carbine in 9mm that takes common magazines like Glock or Beretta is another good idea.

Better train hard no matter what. How she stores it is important too. She'd really be better off if she'd carry something. If you're staring down an assailant in the living room, the LCP in your pocket is better than the AR in your sock drawer or the back of the closet in the other room. It's also true when you walk to your car, the mailbox, or anywhere else.
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