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I have heard of him, but not watched any of his videos. I should.

It has taken me 30 years to get where I am, most of it overcoming a lot of old wive's tales that have no basis in facts or science. His approach looks consistent with the approach of several folks I know. His basics list (as you typed in bold) looks solid.

I must say though, that shooting Lapua and Berger, he has an advantage. In most of my calibers, just picking a Lapua or Berger bullet in the midweight (for caliber) with a good ball powder in a Lapua case, I can usually do very well without much effort.

EDIT: So I just watched the first video in the OPs link. Yep, good stuff and I agree with his assertions generally. 1/4 MOA vs. 1 MOA...I think that would be an interesting discussion to have with him regarding application. F-Class needs more accuracy than PRS, which needs more than 3Gun which needs more than hunting. I am not throwing away a 1 MOA .30-06, but I did get rid of one that was 5 MOA. If my ARs won't group consistently under 1 MOA with good bullets, something is wrong. If my LR rifles won't group under 1/2 MOA, something is wrong, but that is about where I stop.

My .260 is currently at about 3/4 MOA and I will shoot a few more matches with it, but it has almost 9000 rounds down the tube.
Good Shooting, MarkCO

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