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I've tried cleaning with the chamber brush that came with the COLT. Used it with a number of solvents / CLP / Power-Blast / WD-40.

If it is contamination from using the steel ammo rather than a 'final step' left out at the COLT factory, I should be able to clean it myself. (?)
Yes, it should wipe away with patches.

The first 20 rounds through it were Russian steel case ammo. Didn't have any stuck rounds. Switched to a strictly factory/brass diet and started having the problem.
So did you clean the chamber after you fired the 20 rounds of steel before you switched to brass?

It's hard to believe that COLT and their QC would allow a new LE6920 to leave the factory with something obvious like this.
I don't. Colt makes excellet rifles and has very good QC but every company can make mistakes or let something slip through. They let a seemingly large batch of BCGs slip through last year that weren't staked. But, they replaced all of them at no cost to the users and that's what really matters in my opinion.
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