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IDPA Match Approach - accuracy versus time?

I've started to shoot handguns following retirement and find that I really enjoy local IDPA matches (shooting SSP with my M&P40). While I've been competitive my entire life, I'm more interested in simply improving and enjoying the company of like-minded folks.

I don't have much opportunity other than lessons and matches for rapid fire so I need to get as much out of my match shooting as I possibly can. Here's my quandary as I see it: at the typical target range I could fire pretty rapidly and put all my shots in the A or B zone, probably 1/2 in A (0 down). I'm sure I would achieve a better score doing so, but my thinking is that I shouldn't fire any faster than I can properly manage the trigger. I go into the matches telling myself "trigger control", but in the heat of the moment I loose focus being new to the sport. Any suggestions on an approach? Should I rapid fire and the trigger manipulation will just come with time?

My wife and I are going to also be shooting steel challenge and I'm seriously thinking about doing double taps on at least one string of each stage as a means of practicing for IDPA.
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