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Caldwell Chronograph Customer Servise

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OK, after the many months I've detailed a customer service disaster with a rifle importer/seller. That was the bad/ugly.

NOW the good, fair is fair. x-posted
Around early January 2021 I ordered a Caldwell [basic] chronograph from Amazon, it was delivered Jan 13. This is cold weather Colorado mountains, so I didn't crack it open and test until early June. It functioned *mostly* as described, but it simply wouldn't connect to my Samsung Galaxy J7 phone as advertised. That means no access to all the statistics, ES, ED, saved strings, ft/lbs energy etc. The Caldwell website shows a kinda "too bad unless you purchased directly from us." oh well. I took a shot at customer service, making it clear I bought from a 3rd party vendor. I got a quick response June 11 with general trouble shooting recommendations. Nice. For the next 10-ish days Caldwell Customer Service and I corresponded. The CS Rep [Josh] sent me 2 new cables - a new audio jack to the phone and a USB to the phone. Zero, zip, nada, just not connecting to the phone. Their response? "I'm sending you a new chronograph, let me know if it works as it could be the phone." Seriously?? What happened to "you're on you're own if you bought elsewhere?"

Long story short: I decided to try a different, older O/S phone. Lo and behold, the connection worked!! Why it didn't with a newer phone, I don't know or care. I'll take the oldie and dedicate it to the chronograph connection. I'll test for certain later this week.

The point: After fist fighting over a brand new rifle (see elsewhere), I was prepared for a "so sad, too bad response." Instead I received prompt, continuous suggestions and support, no arguments, and an offer to immediately replace the unit *That's how it's done, son*

Caldwell is a fine business, and based on this interaction, I fully recommend, as full throatedly as I denigrated a gun importer. Well done Caldwell

-jeff, equal opportunity reviewer
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