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Originally Posted by TruthTellers View Post
You should see how small the NAA cylinders are.

I too think there is a niche for a small 5 shot .32 revolver, I think it's a simple, more accurate, and more reliable option than a P32 or an LCP in .32, but sadly it seems as long as "experts" continue to declare the .32 S&W and S&W Long as insufficient for self defense, it will never be made.

Yet small frame .22's are selling for self defense and it's based solely on ammo price and availability and not performance. The .32 S&W Long was demonstrated to be adequate in the Lucky Gunner tests and I believe in a .32 S&W (short) chambered revolver, the lack of jump due to the short case would improve velocity enough to make it viable, even if it did fall just short of the 12 inch penetration minimum.

Even then, with the .32 short, I would still be aiming for the head, neck, and face in a defensive use, just like I would if using .22.

I like them enough I'm keeping my eye out for the H&R Young America. To think a 7oz revolver that fits in the palm could be made 120 years ago is amazing.
I think this is where people draw the line. with a J frame they were "only" getting 5 shots but they could be .357 mags or .38spl +p. now, a smaller gun might be nicer but maybe not if you're going way down in power levels. the smaller D/A revolver have relatively stiff triggers compared to larger revolvers (save for the Ruger LCR). the trade off for smaller bullets has usually been at least you get more of them.
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