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I carry a Beretta 9000s, .40 cal., DAO, in a smart carry holster located not in the abdomen area, but on the right hip, fully concealed inside my slacks or, on more casual dress days, inside my overalls, (this is Tennessee, after all). When wearing slacks, I wear suspenders and a loose fitting belt, so there is plenty of room to reach in and get the pistol. When wearing overalls, access is even more free. Since this would not be true whilst sitting in the truck, I also have a Sig .45 nightmare that I carry either loose in the truck or in a gun pocket in a leather bomber jacket (Burk's Bay). The jacket came with a funky little velcro strap which I replaced with a holster from my 511 vest. The Beretta, being DAO, has no protruding hammer to snag, no safety to release, just pull the pistol, acquire the target, etc. BTW, I've seen many negative comments about the 9000s, but I've had no problems, owned it for 2-3 years, fired several hundred rounds, no ftf or other such f-ups. The grip fits my hand fine, clips have pinky rest, no prob. The smart carry holster softens the lines of the pistol, so no print through except for the butt, which is hidden by the belt area. No cover jacket or loose shirt needed. Can even use this set-up with shorts. Since I'm a 5'11" 300 pounder, this is the best carry solution I've found. comfortable.
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