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Originally Posted by gaseousclay View Post
one of the questions asks:

"The data to be released to the listed law enforcement agency:
Agency Name:
Agency Address:
Agency Contact person and phone number

^^I have no idea how to fill out this section. Any ideas?

the other part is the receipt, which states, "I hereby acknowledge acceptance of this application (name of applicant) and then at the bottom is reads "Signature of person accepting application" and then "Issuing Law Enforcement Agency." So, would I sign this or does someone at City Hall do this?

I live in southern Mn and just got my PTP. Called the local police station, they had a drop box outside to drop my application in. Said I could come down to the shop to get the forms or download them off the internet.
You don't fill out any of those areas you have questions of, that's their part.
Odd we get a background check to get a Permit to Purchase, and are required to get checked again at time of purchase. Should be, "I qualified for the permit, sell me the pistol and I'll go."
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