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I am a shooter and by that I mean not a gunfighter/door kicker/butt kicker/nor part of the militant arm of the Girl Scouts Of America. I am a hobbyist with NO desire/hopes/fantasies or anything of the like regarding the use of violence. So with that caveat.....

I can run darn near any platform from .22 pistol to belt fed. I am comfortable with any major brand and a lot of minor ones and have at least some experience with a great many guns, I really should be able to shoot better.....but I digress. . At any rate what I settled on as my favorite go to handgun so to speak is........

HK DA/SA pistols with the P2000 being my favorite. Why you ask????

1-They are hell for stout and mostly bomb proof. They may need a little break in but once done they run great and last forever.

2-All steel quality parts. They come with actual sights not plastic dovetail protectors.

3-Great Accurate barrels

4-They feel great to me. I like the grips, controls etc.

5-The really crappy triggers make me a better shooter.

6-The paddle mag release. I LOVE the paddle mag release. I know, I know 7 of you just said "Right on man, preach!!" The rest of you think I should be wearing a helmet and taking the "Kurtz Bus" to school, but hey I prefer paddle releases.

7-the fact that each HK is blessed by Tibetan high monks and have been touched by the naked bodies of 100 virgins before it leaves the factory. "HEY THATS MY STORY DONT RUIN THIS FOR ME.....THESE THINGS ARE EXPENSIVE!!" Seriously though really good R&D and testing and QC traditionally.

8-I like the looks of them. Totally subjective and makes no nevermind as far as weapon goes but I dig them.

9-At least with the P2000 it is basically a hammer fired Glock 19 that was made for actual human hands for us earth dwellers.

10-DA/SA offerings in a modern polymer gun. I have no issues with strikers but have gravitated back to DA/SA for a host of reasons. None that involve "YOU ARE STUPID IF YOU CARRY A STRIKER blah blah." Just reasons that surround administrative handling and I find I like a heavy first shot. I could just as easily gravitate back to strikers/Glocks.

11-Because who doesn't like a .45 so strong it can run .45 Super or a gun so realiable it will function even if you load the cartridges backwards in the mag.

So that's pretty much why HK and in short why I like my P2000 because it is a hammer fired Glock 19/23.

If I could ask for anything it would be a better trigger and a P2000 sized P30.
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