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Great post, but I can add!

Grips - Have something pretty sharp on the front and back strap for grip. Like 25 lpi checkering. The sides are for show...front and back are for go!

Bore - use standard rifling. Avoid rifling that cannot shoot lead, plated or jacketed well

Trigger - make them safe and repeatable, but light and crisp enough to use.

Don't cheap out. Don't put a plastic MA housing on a 1911 or plastic sights, or white dots on a carry gun.

Figure out how customers might nd and get ahead of it. Don't deny it and try to market your way out of it.

Don't add cheap accessories in the box or a fancy box. A pistol case should come as pistol, 3 mags, and a sample of recommended lube. Maybe a manual/document pouch. Plastic molded to the gun is cheap and good. It needs a hole to put a standard lock through.

No locks, Elec triggers or other safety through blocking critical gun functions.

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