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They were made by Winchester,Remington,and Eddystone.They were making the rifle for the British as the m1914 in .303 so when we entered WW1 and was short 1903's they were retooled in 30-06 and issued to u.s. troops.I remember reading that more 1917's were fielded in France then were 03's.Put into storage after WW1and then taken out and reissued at the start of WW2,a large majority went to the Philippines,Far East,Greece and any other theater of operations where they just needed weapons.After the war they were just dumped on the market.D.C.M.,ROTC,American Legion,VFW and any number of surplus houses.I think the going rate was $14.95.Stock should have the initial of the manufacture on the muzzle end,W,R,E in original condition,as should the barrel .But so many were overhauled during the second world war that replacement barrels and stocks are common.You can find the manufactured date by googling(1917 enfield serial numbers)and following that link.Always have loved them ,between 1914's,1917's,and even two Remington M30's i have 13 .Got lucky and bought the majority when there was little interest in them.
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