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to Pilate:

Not to dampen your enthusiasm for the Spinx but I remember reading that some of the first models had funtioning problems. This company had never ever made firearms before and had some teething problems when they first went to market. It has been so long since I read about this I cannot remember what the problems were.

If you cannot find a sphinx why don't you consider the Sig-Nuehausen P210 9mm. They are the most accurate 9mm's in the world and the workmanship is absolutely breathtaking. Mine is made of all forgings , no cheap pot metal or plastic or aluminum.

Most of them will acutally shoot 1/2" groups out of a machine rest and 1" held in the human hand with about any good ammo including lead reloads that you choose to put throught it. They have an excellent resale value.

They just recently imported some once again and should be availble now if you act fast.

People will think nothing of spending big bucks on a factory custom or hand built custom .45 and they absolutely do not shoot any better than the Sig which believe it or not can be bought both new and used for far less. And of course you do not have the bothersome recoil of the .45 either.
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