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Just to Update- Failure doh!

Just to update in case you have another idea:

So I though I was looking good this afternoon, I took my Dad to the range... I brought my (newish) 870 and also my really-modded-hooked-up Remington 597 with me to do a little fine tuning/zero check/etc. and he took the Saiga 12 I got him for Christmas and we've been modding/hooking up/making a project out of. I had installed a quad rail handguard on it and we had some initial probs so we wanted to double check fit/function etc.

Well the place was JAM PACKED, we got separate lanes which sucked, and I wound up with a group of guys and girls on each side of me. They were preppie jokers and I had way better equipment and obviously looked the part because the guys were sneaky glancing and the girls were clearly staring and talking about me. And then after the first 7 shots of the Hornaday Zombie/TAP I had in it for the past 4 months, the second loading of the magazine had a few problems extracting , then locked up completely on the backswing. I mean, would not open for sheit, the extractor somehow grabbed the shell/and the receiver/chamber and was not budging. I took out several tools I handily brought with me, and by now I have 10 sets of eyes watching me to see if I can fix it, and I could not. It TICKED me off to all getout. I put it away, took out the 597 and had fun sniping, but wound up taking the 870 back out when the people all left and tried again. Finally I get it open, and then try to take out the extractor to replace it , only to get the extractor plunger wedged in the bolt and unmoveable. Absolutely redonkulous.

Finally gave up, packed it away and spent the rest of the afternoon having a blast by literally blasting away w/ the Saiga 12 (Having 17 magazines is really fun) and sniping with Federal Bulk Pack 36 gr HP .22LR. I just spent an hour at home working on it, wound up pouring a bunch of CLP liquid into the spot, finally pried the plunger out, got the spring out, wiped them all down and then re-wiped w some CLP, put the spring, plunger, and finally extractor back in.

I am not sure how great its done, imight try taking some pictures tomorrow and see if anyone has some advice or sees something glaringly obvious I did wrong. A quick question- could my gun just not want/not accept the non-MIM Extractor?

Ok and thanks, next week i'll be tackling the carrier latch spring and safety ,might be back for more help.
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