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870 non-MIM (Police version) Extractor install - few issues

Hi all,

I have a newer Remington 870 Tactical, which of course is actually an 870 EXPRESS Tactical (They put 870 Tactical on the receiver making you think you're getting an upgraded gun when its actually just an Express with some features).

Anyway I did really fall in love with this shotgun, I was a M930SPX guy heart and soul but this grew on me. I am in the process of doing upgrades to make it 870P-spec and as awesome as awesome can be. I made a big order of parts from MidwayUSA and they did not have the extractor, which I ordered from Brownells, which came today- rest comes Monday. So I watched the video for the extractor install, looked simply enough, so I figured it would be my Friday night project.

Well I did it but I guess I installed the extractor wrong end up, so I had to try to reverse it. In the attempt to get it out to reverse, I somehow shot the 'extractor plunger' AND the , extractor plunger spring?, out into the gun. I recovered them, did some googling, then figured, what the heck. I put the spring back where I assumed it went, put the plunger back in too, feeling the same tension as before, I put the new Extractor in. Now it looked fine. But I feel like i am having problems. Occasionally I have some binding with the feed/extract. I feel like the extractor is not gripping the shells rim right or over gripping. Occasionally the frist shell doesnt want to get chambered when I push gently on the forend... if I PUSH it it will go in and then I am okay.

and when I rack it a few times w/ shells in to observe it, it extracts the shells, but it certainly doesn't throw them across the room. It just kind of pops them out a little bit. Is that okay? I assumed it would be Mauser'ing them across the hall etc. I feel like something is not right but it does, Look and Work, right? so .. .any advice? Thanks much!
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