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my experience with Special Interest Arms

hello all. I am putting this out just as a public service announcement. for the last year or so I have been enamored by the idea of a bolt action rifle in 45ACP. well doing some research I found little in the way of factory offered models but I did come across special interest arms, a small outfit in NV that specializes in modifications to enfield rifles that offers a 45ACP conversion kit. this spring I was able to piece together a no parts matching enfield no4 to use as a guinea pig and set to work appropriating the necessary conversion kit.

SIA does not accept debit/credit cards and being a product of generation X I don't have a checkbook so I paid via cashiers check. everything started off well enough. I was in no hurry and Rich(as far as I know the owner and only employee) was waiting on barrels so it was no big deal when he said there would be a few weeks wait(this was back in MAY). every couple weeks I would write an email and he would respond in a couple days with an update on my status but then things started to degrade.

several emails would go unanswered until I started getting "less that civil" and he would come back with another set of excuses and promises that it would not be much longer. finally after a 2 month lapse in communication in the first week of October he told me that he had been injured and was behind schedule but that my order was done and would be shipping that week. my package never arrived and he failed to respond to any of my status requests and finally after 2 months I made my complaints public by posting on several fine forums(including this one).

within hours, Rich contacted me by email, very angry and accusing me of slander. he offered no explanation as to why my order had not shipped back in October as promised but he did say that he had intended to offer a free "more robust" ejector upgrade to apologize for the long wait but since I was in such a hurry he would ship my order immediately without the upgrade. 4 days later I had the conversion kit at my door step and during installation I ended up breaking the ejector which was not upgraded. without the ejector the rifle is virtually useless. I refuse to contact SIA for a replacement as it will probably take me another 6 months of bickering to receive it. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the thing now but I can honestly say that I will never do business with special interest arms ever again.
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