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What Hawg said.

I find that the easiest way to find where your shotgun is shooting is to shoot 10 rounds at a marked aiming point at your normal shotgunning distance. go to the target and look for the most dense spot on the paper. This is the center of your pattern. Now see what the relationship is between the POA and the POI. If you are lucky they are the same.

I started with a square load. Equal amounts of powder and shot as measured by volume. I found that this produced a very soft centered pattern.
Reduce powder charge by 15% and the pattern became very even but wide. Reduced further and the pattern became denser at the center. I currently shoot 1 oz of shot over a light load of FFg that gives me the equivalent of a nice tight dense pattern. It must be noted that shotguns are vdery picky about how you feed them in that my loads may be total failures out of your gun.
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