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I've got a 2000P, too. Mine is a compact model. One of the best shooting 9mms I've owned. (I also had the DAO full-size version of the gun; great gun, but didn't care for the DAO trigger. I've also had an ASAI One Pro, too -- almost as well made and the smoothest, lightest double-action factory trigger I've ever experienced.)

I have a custom AT-84s, a semi-custom 75B SA, and the Sphinx. I think about selling them periodically, until I take them back to the range. All three of them are superb shooters. I then put them back in the safe, reminded of why I keep them.

$800 is a bit more than I would have paid, but they aren't cheap and aren't likely to go down in price much. They are finely made weapons that do the "CZ-thing" better than CZ does.

The Tanfoglio, the EAA Witness (=Tanfoglio), the IMI Jericho (Baby/UZI Eagle), and the Sphinx are all CZ75 copies. Only the Sphinx has SIG-Browning locking system.
Not all of the CZ-like guns use the same lockup system, but they're all variants of the Browning design. CZ uses at least two different designs, with the CZ-40B's lockup method being very much like the SIG line. (The Jericho is also a Tanfoglio, too -- or was originally: frames made by Tan and assembled by IMI.)

The Tan guns are not copies -- but "based on" on the CZ design with a number of subtle changes that arguably improved and simplified the design for easier production.

the Tan firing pin block is an improvement, for example, that doesn't affect the trigger pull weight. Virtually NOTHING (except magazines) are interchangeable between the CZ and the Tanfoglio guns.)

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