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The "home defense" DVD/video clip on his website has a few flaws/problems IMO.
What flaws? Didn't see any references you noted to compare.

I happen to agree with his assesment but not the way he would not just come out and say it......get advice from somone with knlowledge and experience, not from a video game.

Owens strikes me as the "aww shucks" country boy but he also gets really uptight really fast.
When you are trying to emphasize something of importance, especially something that can save your life, it might seem uptight. What you have to realize is how important his points are. His emphasis ("uptight") is from comments made by people who had a lot less experience and training that evidently bothered him. Especially when they go around saying things that could get someone hurt.

but I think he puts to much on a "new" or starter level student to deal with.
In what way? I may be missing it but it seemed pretty simple and straight forward to me.

I can see why someone would prefer more of a teacher than a coach when learning about things like this but this Coach-like approach to teaching is effective in getting your attention in order to make certain points. It's not like he is teaching basket weaving or sensitivity training.

Im curious if any other TFL members saw his videos/DVDs or know if EJ Owens is legit.
I have watched his videos before. I cannot tell you with 100% certainty that he is "LEGIT". The term is too broad. If you mean does he know what he is talking about, I see someone with experience and knowledge of the subject.
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